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GOLLMER Formen assists you in international sourcing of plastic injection molds and components.
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GOLLMER Formen is your German/European contract partner. We garantuee the lifetime and output quantity of your mold.
With fully equipped after sales tool shop we are there to realize later chnages and modifications.

We are pleased about the successful relocation to the new premises. In particular, the expansion of our in-house mold tool shop with an area of 500m² as well as a 16t crane, which makes us even more powerful in the future for subsequent engineering changes or optimization.

We will soon announce the date of Open House Event in the coming year.

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One Adapter to Stack Them All

An innovative product Hybrid Adapter Plate, developed by Swiss company PLASTON, realized the possibility of stacking boxes securely cross vendors. Dimensionally precise, beautiful, and cost-effective were the significant criteria to be fulfilled. To finalize and manufacture the mold, PLASTON collaborated with GOLLMER Formen and initiated an early-stage simulation with SIMCON’s novel tool VARIMOS rapid variant analysis to optimize the Hybrid Adapter Plate.


Warpage was one of the main challenges in the Hybrid Adapter Plate development project. GOLLMER took the advantage of SIMCON's solution VARIMOS and reached a significant achievement by two steps. The first trial of adjusting the injection parameters, which was considered as the most convenient way for modification without touching the mold, had limited improvement. Thus, the launch of second trial by precisely varying the wall thickness brought a great success.

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